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100% Natural Henna/Mehndi Tattoos

Shop price starts at $15.00 and go up depending on time and size of designs (average price is $20.00-$60.00). 
Large, Custom designs, pre tattoo work, baby blessings or bridal mehndi please ask for pricing quote, thank you!
Henna by Gayle Services
We take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are professional, courteous and efficient. We ONLY use 100% Natural, Organic Henna made fresh for you!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. Custom Services always available and will be tailored to your individual needs, just ask!
Children Services/Parties
Glitter Tattoos  (waterproof and quick drying - great for pool parties) 
Henna Tattoos for Children's birthday parties boys or girls...
Face Painting boys and girls of all ages!

​Shop Walk-in price for a glitter tattoo is $5.00 each 
Shop Walk-in face painting starts at $7.00+ (Please see our Face Painting link at top of page, thank you!)
Shop Walk-in henna starts at $15.00+

Party Prices start at $100.00 an hour minimum 
On location "Travel fee" may be required

party props are extra please inquire for boy or girl themes and pricing, thank you!
Girl's Night In Party!
This is our No #1 seller!!!
Grab your friends and a few snacks (alcohol is ok - must be over 21) and get ready to Henna!  You will learn the basics of Henna and everyone will get a Henna Tattoo.  This is a great party idea for birthdays, showers, bachlorette parties, you name it! You will be the hippest hostess offering Henna!

Party Prices Start at $35.00 per person/2hrs 
Minimum of 4 guests- supplies provided!
On location "Travel fee" may apply
Call or email for current specials or 
smaller/larger party booking requests.
Request more information...
Want to book a party?
Want to get custom rates?

Feel free to contact us anytime!
Corporate Parties for Henna and/or Glitter Tattoos and/or face painting

Large or Small Groups prices start at $100.00 hour.
Large Event Minimum of 2 hours. 
Prices and services may be customized for your needs and budget.
Contact Us
Healing Henna Crowns
When women lose their hair after chemotherapy it can often be difficult. Coming to terms with losing their crowning glory can be challenging, both emotionally and physically. Women wear hats, scarves, and various chemo caps to cover their bare heads. More and more women are turning toward the ancient art form of henna to transform their bare heads into stunning works of art.hen women lose their hair after chemotherapy it can ofter be difficult. Coming to terms with losing their crowning glory hair loss can be challenging, both emotionally and physically. Women wear hats, scarves, and various chemo caps to cover their bare heads. More and more women are turning toward the ancient art form of henna to transform their bare heads into stunning works of art. 
Call for price quote - 
This service is discounted/gifted 
excluding travel fee - GOD BLESS! 

Baby Belly Bumps*
*the below information is from
Please visit their website for more henna information in the Camarillo, California area
Pregnancy, Baby showers & Baby Blessings

Henna during pregnancy is an ancient practice. It is soothing as well as calming and believed to help bring about an easy birth and healthy child. A fun twist on tradition; applying the henna directly to the belly!

Many countries including Morocco and India have traditions of applying henna during the third trimester of pregnancy. Henna is believed to protect and bless the mother and child from any evil or malicious spirits that may be near during delivery.

The red coloring of the dye and protective images used in the patterns guard against the evil eye and are thought to protect the pair during the child's difficult passage into this world. Special attention is given to the hands and especially the feet as they are considered to be vulnerable connections to the world.

This is a wonderful way to celebrate the body's physical changes during pregnancy and embrace this special time. Baby showers and henna parties can be combined into a day of pampering and relaxation for the new expectant mom, her friends, and family

Expectant Mommy relaxes while the lightly scented and cooling henna paste is applied to the skin.  It is very calming and provides an opportunity to support and encourage the new mom. This is a wonderful time to quietly visit with friends while creating a joyous celebration of the last phase of pregnancy. Plus, everyone has a little reminder of the day together as the designs last 7-10 days.

 Photographs of their hennaed belly are often included in their baby album or framed artwork for the new baby nursery. This is a special way to remember the pregnancy, what they looked and felt like. 

It is important to keep the henna ingredients simple during pregnancy so you don’t stress the body, baby, or cause an allergic reaction.

Henna should be avoided or used sparingly if you are extremely anemic or the baby has G6PD deficiency.

Having henna applied during a healthy pregnancy is generally safe but it is always a good idea to speak with your doctor. Work with a reputable artist and make sure you know exactly what is being used in the henna paste mixture, it should be simple, natural and smell fresh.

Natural henna is incredibly safe and poses no danger to a healthy pregnancy. There are people who use chemical additives such as hair dyes in the mix to speed up the process or obtain a black stain. This is not safe or legal. Chemical dyes often contain a chemical known as PPD which is toxic and can cause long term damage, including scaring. Chemical dyes will stain the skin within 30 minutes and be dark immediately, these should always be avoided.

Designs usually last 7-10 days, depending on body chemistry, how long the paste was allowed to soak in, and location on the body. Henna always lasts longest on the hands and feet, less on the torso where skin is thinner. It is very important to keep in mind that natural henna stains a reddish brown color and needs to soak on the skin 4-8 hours. The color will be a light orange at first and darken to a richer shade over 2 days.

Prices are approximately $100.00 an hour or upon completion of  agreed design.  Quotes available upon request.  Henna by Gayle can work with any price range from $29.00 and up...
*Resource for the content of this information is from Henna Caravan - 
Thank you!
Henna by Gayle

Henna by Gayle
Henna by Gayle
Henna by Gayle
The Drake Parlor Face Painting
The Drake Parlor Face Painting
Henna by Gayle.
The Drake Parlor Face Painting